Creepin' It Real - 31/10/2019

Well, it’s that time again. Every year it creeps up on us and before we know it, we are dressing up as witches, clowns and other ghastly beasts and no we aren’t talking about your usual Saturday night, we of course mean Halloween!

Whether you’re a Hallow-queen or love to feel fa-boo-lous when preparing for the festivities, as long as you creep it real you’ll have a great time. At Hudson Reed we love all things spooky so, if you haven’t already guessed, this blog will be Halloween themed.

As a market leading bathroom manufacturer, we take great pride in our products and service. We aren’t lazy bones when it comes to ensuring everything that we manufacture is quality checked meaning, you never have to have witchful thinking when it comes to ordering any of our goods.

Some famous bathrooms however, are not so boo-tiful. So, we’re going to look at a few well-known, notoriously fear inducing bathrooms starting with none other than Psycho. The shower scene in this film is enough to send goosebumps up anyone’s spine! You can opt for a not so scary bath however, with our range of beautiful free-standing baths made from solid cian and finished in a stunning silk matt finish.

Another scary film that gives us pumpkin-to talk about is Fatal attraction. The drama filled brawl is extremely tense making anyone want to run for the hills. Luckily, a Hudson Reed bathroom would have quite the opposite effect. With our Fusion Furniture range showcasing seven stunning colours, you can opt for the soft tones of natural oak or gloss grey mist to create a relaxing oasis.

The toilet in Ghoulies II is yet another scary scene, nobody wants to go to the bathroom and be greeted by that green creature. After watching the bathroom scene, we bet you had to check the toilet seat before you sat down for weeks! Our range of pan and cisterns however, won’t leave you feeling like that. With square and rounded edges, you can pick the perfect toilet for your bathroom – free from unwanted guests!

So, if it’s love at first bite that you are looking for when searching for a new bathroom, look no further than Hudson Reed. Guaranteed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed from the minute you start looking, you will have a fang-tastic bathroom shopping experience. To find our nearest retailer, check here: