Style on Tap - 20/06/2016

Fitting a new bathroom can be a daunting prospect but if your bathroom starts to look tired and outdated there are lots of little things you can change before you need to completely revamp the whole room.  One way to bring life back into your bathroom is to change the brassware, as it plays such an important part when bringing a design together, creating cohesion across your shower, bath and basin. 

Taps can change the style and dynamic of a room instantly.  If you are refreshing your bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind that your new taps must still complement your current suite. However, if you are starting from scratch, this is your opportunity to create a brand new image.

Taps have changed and developed over time, from two separate taps for hot and cold, they now offer sleeker options which operate with one lever and one spout, enabling you to blend the perfect temperature of water.  With streamline edges and bold structure they stand proud and bring your bathroom right up to date. 

Hudson Reed has a variety of designer tap ranges, featuring unique shapes, for a more interesting and relaxing cascade of water.  The Art and Strike ranges give a tranquil, replicating that of a waterfall, complemented by the waterfall bath spout which has a wider horizontal spout to fill your bath. 

In contrast, Vesper takes minimalist chic to the next level with its slimline spout and easy to operate lever handle.  All the Hudson Reed taps come with a chrome finish which reflects the light beautifully, giving your bathroom the lift it needs.

The contemporary range of taps comes with coordinating bath fillers and many also have matching showers so the modern elements are consistent throughout your bathrooom.

For inspiration on modern taps, view our Pinterest board on the link below where you will find all the ranges mentioned above and many more: