Bath Vs Shower - 20/06/2016

When it comes to making decisions about your home, everyone has different priorities and requirements.  The majority of us have a bath within our home but how many of us actually use it?  Some would feel obliged to have both a shower and a bath as it can often be seen as a good selling point in the future, but you shouldn’t feel pressured into buying one, there are many determining factors as to whether you require a bath, such as ability or family circumstances.

First you should identify what you require on a daily basis.  Couples with a fast paced lifestyle who benefit from the ease of a shower, may suddenly experience a growth in their family, and although bathing a baby in the sink can be useful to a point, soon you will require something a little bigger.  Alternatively, adding accessories may provide you with the functions you need, a hinged shower seat will benefit someone who enjoys a shower but is suddenly unable to stand for a sufficient length of time.

Once you have identified what functions you need, analysing available space is next on the agenda.  So you have decided you would benefit from a bath and a shower, but your small bathroom won’t accommodate both... A shower bath is an ideal solution, offering a comfortable bathing experience with one end suitable for showering (not at the same time of course!).  There is a large range of shower styles available which are suitable for a shower bath such as bar showers, concealed or exposed showers with accessories such as slide rail kits and body jets, electric showers or shower panels with added features.

There are also options if you find the shower head useful but don’t use it as a traditional shower,  the bath shower mixer both fills your bath and also includes a movable shower head.  These can be used on a range of baths including stand-alone and back-to-wall baths, depending on  the style of your bathroom

There is so much to consider when making this decision and only you can decide which is appropriate for your lifestyle, budget, size and style of bathroom.